Expert Water Damage Repair and Inspection to Eliminate Odor and Mold in Sarasota, Florida
One Stop Restoration & Cleaning Service
24-Hour Emergency – Ask the Expert – Call (941) 351-1577
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Specializing in Water & Mold Damage Removal

Expert Water Damage Repair and Inspection to
Eliminate Odor and Mold in Sarasota, Florida

One Stop Restoration is in Bradenton, FL and specializes in Emergency Cleaning Services for Water, Fire, Smoke, Mold, and other damages! One Stop Restoration prides itself on its high quality of service and the expertise and integrity of its staff. We ensure that our equipment and techniques are as advanced as possible, providing the best results for our customers. We clean carpets, tile, flooring, walls, homes, buildings, offices, and more for southwest Florida. Call One Stop Restoration anytime for emergency cleaning services such as water damage restoration for carpets, floors, furniture, walls, with an expert in restoring your water damage for Sarasota and Bradenton, Florida. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, please contact One Stop Restoration today  (941) 351-1577.

One Piece of Equipment We Use:

Extractors (Hydro Xtreme Xtraction™)

Extracting water from carpeting and the underlying pad is one of the most common problems associated with water damage. Without proper equipment, they never get totally dry and often the flooring needs to be replaced entirely. However, we use state-of-the-art extractors that allow us to remove 30% more water, 50% faster than typical tools. This high-tech extraction saves time and money—and can help preserve your carpet and pad.


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